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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Outfit #4 November 2016 🌷

Pink, Pink and well.... just more pink


1. HermΓ¨s Twilly
£ 115.00 here

You may have also seen this wrapped around the Hermès Kelly Bag in my Soho Farmhouse post:
 I actually dated a guy who asked me why I had a 'hanky' wrapped around my bag. Lets not discuss him.

... oh safe to say, that didn't work out.

2. Zara Limited Edition Mohair Pink Jumper
£ 59.99 here

3. Jack Wills Fernham Highwaisted Super Skinny Jean£ 49.95 here

4. Gucci Princetown Rose Slipper£ 480.00 here

5. White Ladies Tailored Shirt 
To be quite honest, I haven't got a clue where this shirt came from, it was just in my wardrobe and doesn't even have a label inside. You can pick up a white shirt in most stores so I'll leave that one down to you


    I wanted to share the details of my Givenchy bag with you all as I love it so so much! I bought this bag back at the start of the year and quite frankly it was a bit boring, it's also bloody huge. I wasn't using it much & I kind of forgot about it.

 In the summer I ended up in the Goyarde boutique in Mayfair and embarked on the 6 week wait for my initials to be handpainted onto my dream bag. I was obsessed and part of this obsession meant I was searching #goyarde on instagram all of the time to see how other bags had turned out (I'll show you mine soon). Anyway whilst doing this I saw a few Goyarde bags with crazy pop art designs painted on to them & I was totally confused... why did they not offer me this option?! But then I realised, these bags had been personalised by Boyarde  

It was too late to change my Goyarde order but I was determind to have Boyarde's work on one of my bags. I contacted Boyarde and spoke to her lovely assistant, I had all of the information that I needed so quickly & then I started rummaging through my wardrobe for a bag that needed a new lease of life - the Givenchy of course! It was time to make this bag fun and wow what a great job Boyarde did.

 My surname is a bit stupid because of that silly apostrophe between the O & H and when I've had items personalised in the past that has been a bit of an issue.. ie. Louis Vuitton's hot stamp doesn't include an apostrophe; but this was no problem for Boyarde as she hand paints these designs herself. I sent my bag off once we'd decided on a design and I think I waited around 3 or 4 weeks which flew by, I received an email with photos of the finished piece and I was so pleased; but the photos just don't do the colours justice. 
When I received the bag back I was amazed, it looks incredible, it's so different & quirky. I'm not going to disclose the price of this bag as it's so special to me and obviously nobody will want 'LO'H' on their bag, however if you would like something similar that is personal to you I would definitely reccomend browsing Boyarde's website and getting in touch... she honestly is so talented! 

Boyarde recently collaborated with L K Bennett :

& visit her pop up personalisation bar at Selfridges 

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