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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Wellbeing ☃️

I haven't posted on the blog for 2 weeks and you may have noticed I've also been pretty inactive on instagram which for someone who is usually attached to their phone is very odd. I've been ill, which was kind of inevitable. I always become sick during Autumn and Winter and usually it's just a fever  but I had a really nasty allergic reaction last week which definitely wasn't much fun!

I wanted to write a more personal post as although I love sharing my outfits and other details I guess it would be nice if you could get to know me a little bit more & I want to share my tips for Winter with you all. 

Like most others, I really struggle with these dark mornings and dark nights, I find it really demotivating and I feel like recently I've lost a little bit of direction. This year has been tough, apart from the craziness of Brexit and Donald Trump I've had a lot to organise and some really difficult decisions to make on a personal level so it's become really apparent to me that really only I can control my happiness.

It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and this year I just really couldn't be bothered to make a big deal out of it, which totally isn't like me and I'm just not feeling Christmas either. I watched Home Alone with a friend last week and he actually told me I was like the Grinch (thanks) ...usually I'd be obsessing over this movie. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year but for some reason I just can't get myself into the mood this year and I've got 12 days to turn this around. I refuse to hibernate and stuff myself with crap food so enough doom and gloom, there are plenty of things we can all do to feel a little bit better over Winter: 

Take the stairs rather than the lift 

Ok, if any of my work collegues are reading this they will probably be howling right now. You'll find me taking the lift without failure unless there is a fire, it's only 2 floors and it's so so stupid but its become a habit that I really need to snap out of. I spend a lot of time sat staring at my tiny macbook screen trying to somehow make hundreds of squares in super advanced excel spreadsheets make sense and calculate things my brain would never be capable of, however I do in fact use my brain an awful lot and sometimes it needs a break too! Its so important to take breaks and I find getting out of the office really helps... but I have to remember to take those stairs instead of the lift!

Stay hydrated & love your skin

I'm really awful at remembering to drink enough water, I fuel myself on caffiene and tend to end up with a really bad headache or the shakes by lunch time, which quite frankly is stupid of me. This also can mean dry skin which is such a nightmare during the winter months! Find some of my favourite moisturising skincare products below:

Spend time with people who make you smile, even when you don't feel like it

When I moved back to London after being schooled in the countryside I was thrown into a environment that I wasn't entirely used to. I would always flick through the Bystander section in Tatler but its safe to say I totally underestimated how crazy some people around here are... wait until you attend the parties yourself!

I spend the majority of my time in Mayfair because that is where I work and I guess I'm submerged in this world of extreme wealth and its taught me a lot, but one thing in particular... always stay humble no matter who you are or who you are surrounded by. Old money, new money... or no money, it is so easy to get caught up in all of this and to even feel like your in a scene from Mean Girls some times. You thought school was bad? Oh no, welcome to West London... there are NO secrets around here!

 I've realised recently that it is good to have lots of different groups of friends... we all have the girls we go out with until 6am, the ones who want to shop until you literally drop and the ones who you end up regretting you took to lunch because the bill is so extortionate that you now can't afford food for the rest of the month. What is most important are the friends who aren't necessarily always available but turn up with cheese and wine when you actually need them. One of my best friends told me earlier in the year that he didn't understand why I stayed in contact with people who didn't bring any positivity to my life and I refused to even listen to what he was saying, really because I was just too much of an idiot to admit that he was telling the truth. I then heard the exact same thing from another friend and I started to understand that I didn't need certain people in my life. Especially in winter you need people who lift you up, not bring you down and I always used to worry so much about cutting contact with people who made no effort with me. I always try to do everything I can for others & I don't think I was willing to accept that actually most people put themselves first. I've come to realise it's for good reason... the world can be shit and most people have been hurt and they don't want to accept their own problems, let alone expose themselves to yours, so accept that and leave them behind, they'll come when they're ready.


Denmark is apparently the happiest country on earth & I'm so lucky that I've been able to visit this place so many times this year. My two really good friends live there & at one point I was flying out basically every weekend to see a Danish guy... (long distance sucks)
 Copenhagen is such a breath of fresh air! If you've ever tried to learn Danish you'll know that trying to pronounce some of their word's is a bloody disaster but you kind of say it like 'hue-gah'. It doesn't directly translate into English but several words several can be used interchangeably to describe the idea of hygge such as cosiness, charm, happiness, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness.

I read the little book below and it really changed my outlook on a few things, I'd really recommend it!

Retail Therapy

My favouite obviously!
It's so important to treat yourself every now & again, ok maybe I treat myself a little too often but I honestly couldn't care less. Of course I realise there is more to life than material goods but I love shopping and it really does cheer me up.
I've been rubbish with keeping up with my outfit posts recently and I really need to get on top of this but here are two new purchases that you can expect to see in my posts soon:

ChloΓ© Medium Faye Bag 
£ 1,280.00

Anya Hindmarch Maxi Feathweight Ebury Python 'Frosties' Bag
£ 2,995.00

Vitamin D

I didn't know until recently that if you're lacking in Vitamin D it can actually lead to you feeling depressed, seasonal or not. In the UK the sunlight doesn't contain enough UVB radiation in the winter so between October to around March time it's a lot harder for our skin to make Vitamin D. I've started taking a supliment which I picked up in Boots for around £ 5.00. You can also get Vitamin D from some foods such as oily fish, red meat and eggs. 

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