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Monday, 13 February 2017

The Truth About Blogging 🌺

Where have you been?! ...

The truth is... I've been working my little bum off.

I started my blog towards the end of last year as I'd taken a break from my career and I had all of the time in the world to take photos, edit photos and sit up all night writting content. This was the absolute dream, but then the time came where I had to return to work and the start of 2017 has been absolutely crazy to say the least! 

I honestly thought blogging would be the easiest thing ever... reality check: it is not & I guess I wanted to share some truths around the subject of blogging that I've experienced so far. In no way do I want to put anyone off because in fact I couldn't urge you to start your own blog much more if I tried, this blog has definitely been one of the best things I've ever done & having a creative outlet has been such a a positive addition to my life. I've seen a few successful bloggers write about how they wouldn't have started their blogs if they knew how much of a burden it would end up being; the time, the energy & the friends they lost etc. The 'advice' I really hate hearing the most is, ''you really need to think twice before starting a blog because you must ask yourself the question, 'are you really going to be willing to accept the fact that you are one of thousands of bloggers doing the exact same thing and people may never even read your content?''
 Well actually yes, I'm just fine with that. I've never wanted this blog to be a business, I'm an accountant and that will always be my main income, my blog is a place of expression for me. I chose to make it public because I don't write anything super personal so I have nothing to loose and if  reading the random stuff I ramble on about can put a smile on at least one person's face then thats an added bonus.


If you'd have told me 6 months ago that striving for the perfect instagram feed, being exluded from certain fashion phenonemons & wondering why the fuck you don't have that perfect white wall / white everything bedroom thing going on could give you anxiety I would've honestly laughed ...now I nod and roll my eyes.

1. The perfect instagram feed
Up until a few months ago if you'd have said the word VSCO to me I would've given you a funny look. Wow, this app has made such a difference to my instagram. As I became more interested in blogging I started to see more and more beautiful colour coordinated feeds and wondered how it was even possible. I'd never really used pinterest and my blogger friend told me amongst other things it was great for 'VSCO tips' which show you exactly which filter settings to use to get the perfect effect. By no means is my instagram perfect, I'm still learning but little tips and tricks that are easily accesible online really made me feel more confident when posting my photos.

2. Exclusion from certain fashion phenonemons
 It is so easy to get trapped into buying the latest 'fad' bag just because every other blogger has it and damn they look great. I made this mistake recently when I decided to buy a Chloe Faye bag, don't get me wrong this bag is bloody beautiful but it was maybe one of my worst impulse buys yet. Looking back I guess I wanted this to 'fit in' which was ridiculous, I wanted my photos to look like all those other bloggers photos, but for £1,300... I am an official idiot. I used this bag once, never photographed it and sold it on Vestiare within a few weeks of buying it. It just wasn't me. As I get older I'm starting to realise you should only invest in designer pieces that you really love and will use over and over again because lets be honest these bags are not cheap. Don't just buy because everyone else has one and realistically do you really want to be walking down the street with the same bag as every other girl taking photos outside pretty coloured doors? No.

3. The white wall / white bedroom thing
Uhh yes that perfectly instagramable apartment, decorated of course, the danish way.
I've spent a lot of time in Denmark and wow they really do beat every other country when it comes to their style of interior design, everything is so clean and perfect.. shove some marble in your photo and a diptique candle and you've just joined the blogger cliche club, oh and maybe a Chanel book. I am definitely guilty of striving towards making my home look like the beautful interior photos I see on instagram and actually here goes the pot calling the kettle black situation because in fact my next blog post is going to be about the Notting Hill apartment... eek.

 Those tiny snippets of 'perfect' lives that you see each day whilst scrolling through blogger's instagram feeds are honestly just that... snippets. Nobody's instagram shows a true balance of the good & the bad that is happening in all of our lives and this is something I constantly have to remind myself


So this is the reason I haven't posted in a while and its something I really wanted to work on in 2017, work / life balance. Well I honestly haven't got a clue how to change this because right now I am well and truly bogged under! Like I said, blogging will never be my career so it has to come second, my career and not loosing my mind in this crazy city comes first. When I took a break from work it was great because I had all day to take photos, this just isn't possible when you work from 9am to god knows what o'clock at night, especially in the winter... yeah you can't take photos of outfits in the dark, so this only leaves weekends. Then you've got to edit and come up with what you want to write... this takes HOURS. If i blogged everyday I honestly wouldn't have time to sleep, it would just be impossible so I'm trying to work out a better schedule so that my posts aren't so sporadic.


Hmm yeah, this scares the absolute shit out of me. If you asked most of my friends they'd probably say I'm quite a confident person, put a camera infront of me however and nope definitely not so keen! I just cant bring myself to walk around london holding a camera talking to myself yet, lets be honest, nobody would probably even notice me but I'd just feel like such an idiot and I can't bring myself to do it. Most of my friends would probably think I'm mental also if I whipped my camera out whilst walking along with them just to talk about what my day consisted of, they already think I'm crazy for taking photos of my food or pretty things for instagram. I don't really like having my outfits photographed either and I keep most of those photos for the blog rather than instagram, but I'm working on changing my fears around all of this stuff!

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