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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Soho Farmhouse 🌳

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Hello lovelies! I know I've done one of my dissapearing acts again, but I've been so busy at work that blogging has had to take a little break. If you have followed me since I started blogging last year you'd know that one of my first ever posts was about a trip to Soho Farmhouse (you can read that here) . I visited again last week and this seems like a good place to pick back up again on my posts. 

When I asked Damian, 'would you like to go to Soho Farmhouse?' he responded with, 'it's not exactly on my list of things to do.'  ... Hmm yes delightful. However, I think his opinion was most definitely swayed in a positive direction by the time we had to leave & he actually said it would've been nice to stay for longer.

I don't know what it is about the Soho House group but they just get it right every single time & their countryside escape is my favourite. When I visited last year I stayed in one of the Bell Tents, I'd wanted to go back and stay in a cabin ever since but I just hadn't had the time until now. I picked Damian up from his shoot and we headed off to Great Tew, it's safe to say the weather was not on our side... basically every extreme weather condition every other 5 minutes; I'm talking rain, snow, hail, sunshine, sleet, black sky, blue sky, you name it, we had it, but we eventually made it. 

We were taken off to our cabin by the most delightful man & I quickly realised that I'd seriously missed out on my last visit. The cabins are incredible! 

We stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin, this wasn't necessary but it was the only one available for the dates we wanted to stay. It actually worked out quite well as it meant we had double of most things and everything about it was absolutely stunning. 

We stayed for one night and ate at 'Penn Yen' for dinner. This is the japanese restuarant next to the Boat House and the food was lovely. I have to be honest, I feel like sometimes the food does let Soho House down, it's not fantastic for the amount you pay and the menu's don't seem to change much which can become boring if you're visiting the same house a lot so this was a nice change. We ate at the Main Barn for Breakfast and Lunch, however in hindsight we should've ordered breakfast to our room. There is a van that drives along to the cabins in the morning and will cook you breakfast in bed!

We didn't use the pool but it was so cold and such nasty weather that I wasn't too gutted about missing out and Damian was happy because he had a bath instead, allbeit he forgot to turn the cold tap on and nearly gave himself third degree burns.

All of the products at Soho Farmhouse are Cowshed and they smell so amazing, they also use these at the spa, which I must use next time I visit!

After lunch we had to rush back off to London for an event but we had such a relaxing time and we really weren't there for long enough to enjoy everything. I'd recommend visiting during the summer months and staying for 2-3 days so that have long enough to really relax. 

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