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Friday, 11 August 2017

Life Update! πŸ’–

Change... the most daunting thing in my life and wow, there has been a lot of that lately! For a start I've totally changed my blog layout and I love it! I feel like since I started blogging there have been so many things that have popped up in my life causing the internet to take a back seat and I've sometimes lost sight of the very reason I started this blog in the first place... as a creative output in a busy city life that can sometimes feel like a cyclone. My original template was quite sterile and simple, I wanted something a little more user friendly, colourful and fun and I'm really happy with what I've achieved!

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I'm brutally honest and upfront about most things. When it comes to sharing my personal life for everyone and anyone to see on my blog however I'm not sure that's something that I ever want to do or something that I feel is entirely appropriate. I'm not going to go into the last few months but sorry for the silent phase! I'm so excited now for the next chapter as there are so many fun things coming up...


Some really exciting new opportunities have popped into my life and hopefully some that I can share with you on here, I've decided I'm finally going to take the plunge and start YouTube. I said you'd never catch me speaking to a camera a little while ago but I feel like if I never give it a go I'll never know and next month is super busy so a perfect opportunity to film lots of content. I travel to see some of my favourite people in Copenhagen at the start of September and then I'm off to New York. I will be filming both trips and maybe there will be a random weekly vlog before then depending on how I settle into the editing process as I honestly have no idea how much time this will take etc!

I feel like my Instagram has always been a bit of a mash up and I lost sight of my own personal style at one point, I was so caught up in buying designer and fitting in with certain 'trends' that I lost some of the quirks in my style. This blog was always about showing that you can mix highstreet, vintage and designer and come up with something that is totally different... money is by no means the answer and its never fun to cross someone in the street who is wearing the exact same outfit as you! For those of you who follow me for luxury don't worry I am not totally cutting this content out, I'm just going back to what I'm all about and that is having a balance! I've bought some really great pieces recently and I can't wait to share these with you, weekly outfit posts are coming back!

Thank you so much for all bearing with me recently and I cannot wait to recommence my blogging journey . . .

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