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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

24 Random Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me 💡

As I turn 24 next week I thought it would be a good time to share 24 random facts with you...

1. I had braces for 4 years whilst at school. I probably spent more time at the orthadontist than studying for my exams.

2. When I find a song I like I listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it, but if you're in the car with me & I'm in charge of music I'll never listen to song the whole way through.

3. I never wanted to be an accountant, I didn't like maths at school. I was headhunted by Rothesay Life after they split from Goldman Sachs and realised maybe numbers weren't the worst thing in the world so dropped out of my place on a Law degree.

4. I don't have a middle name because I'm actually meant to have a tripple barrel surname 'Lily Paxton-Brooks - O'Halloran ' ...yep thanks Mum.

5. I have two tattoos. I got them both when I was 18 and if I could have them removed with no pain I definitely would!

6. I had to always take antihistamines before horse riding as I was allergic to the dust in the horse's coat. I was thrown off my race horse quite badly in 2014 & I haven't got back on properly since as it really knocked my confidence.

7. I never cook just for myself, if you could see my monthly spend on Deliveroo you would be shocked.

8. I'll challenge anyone to try and win against me at a game of Scrabble. 

9. I absolutely love candles. My favourites are Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone & Baies by Diptyque.

10. My top 3 films are : Catch me if you can, The Grand Budapest Hotel & Rear Window.

11. I was rubbish at sport when I was younger. I could dance and ski but other than that I was that child you'd avoid pairing up with in P.E

12. I have to set roughly 5 alarms to get out of bed.

13. I'm petrified of Vomit.

14. When I was a child I wouldn't watch cartoons because I thought they were for babies. My parents even took me to Disneyland & I didn't like it. I only recently rediscovered Disney films and how great they actually are.

15. My Mother comes from a family of highly intelligent Harrow boys who further studied at Cambridge & internationally. She is dyslexic and her family wouldn't pay for her to be privately educated as they thought it was a waste of time & that she would never excel in her career. She went on to achieve one of the highest ever marked First Class Honors Degree's in the UK.

16. I always get a warm latte from Pret before I start work in the morning. I don't like it hot & I never finish drinks.

17. I have size UK 2 feet (European 35) so it is much easier for me to buy shoes that have usually sold out.

18. The Harry Potter books are still my favourite.

19. I always sleep with a small light on, unless I'm with someone. I don't really like the dark.

20. I'm getting a little more chilled as I get older, but I used to always have to have a plan for my day set out so that I knew exactly what I was doing. Now spontaneous trips & plans are my favourite!

21. My Dad was my best friend.

22. I'm a sagittarius & I have the same birthday as Winston Churchill & Ben Stiller.

23. I was intollerant to Chocolate when I was a child, luckily I grew out of this.

24. I don't drink fizzy drinks. Other than champagne ;)

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