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Thursday, 3 May 2018

My Favourite SS18 Shoe & Bag Trends ☀️😍

What a Belter! 

Last year the bum bag was everywhere... if you didn't see every girl last fashion week wearing an oversized trench with a Gucci belt / bum bag over the top then really who even are you and what rock have you been hiding under?! This season the trend has moved to wearing this style across the chest & I have to admit although I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it yet I absolutely love it! 

Howdy Partner!

An introduction to the cowboy trend... this is a big one! I bought my first pair of Saint Laurent cowboy boots last year. It wasn't really something that was yet on trend and I debated sending them back twice... I am SO glad I kept them! I now have two pairs and they are an absolute wardrobe staple, probably influenced by my recent obsession with watching West World! 

The Statement Handbag!

The go hard or go home situation, it is time to be loud and proud... logos are EVERYWHERE!

Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic!

This was a trend I questioned at first.. I mean when you live in a busy city like London the last thing you want is people being able to see the contents of your bag. Don't get me wrong, I still don't really understand paying £400 for a Céline bag that looks the same as a supermarket carrier bag but I think other brands are absolutely killing it & as per usual I'm lusting over all the current Chanel bags.. the transparent ones in particular!

Architectural Masterpieces!

Ok, so if you know me you'll know that trainers reign when it comes to my shoe wardrobe. However slingbacks and mules are making a bold entrance & paired with a slogan tee and jeans you can't really go wrong.

Basket Case! 

Basket bags started to make a statement last summer. It wasn't something I was quite sure on, could I really justify spending over £2000 on a Prada bag that looking like a picnic hamper? Hmm, nope. However, on a little venture to Bicester Village I came across a beautiful basket bag in D&G... I thought I was being an idiot as it was December & there was no way that bag would see daylight for a few months, would it be another impulse waste of money? Well the answer is no. Basket bags are back this year and bigger than ever. Keep your eyes peeled on my insta to see mine this summer.

All White!

White shoes used to terrify me. In fact my Mother once told me that only strippers wear white shoes. Well maybe back in your day Mama, but not anymore! My white Gucci heels come to the office with me every day and I'm slowly learning to experiment with more key white pieces.

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