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M Y   F A V O U R I T E   S S 1 8   S H O E   &   B A G   T R E N D S 

What a Belter! 

Last year the bum bag was everywhere... if you didn't see every girl last fashion week wearing an oversized trench with a Gucci belt / bum bag over the top then really who even are you and what rock have you been hiding under?! This season the trend has moved to wearing this style across the chest & I have to admit although I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it yet I absolutely love it! 

Howdy Partner!

An introduction to the cowboy trend... this is a big one! I bought my first pair of Saint Laurent cowboy boots last year. It wasn't really something that was yet on trend and I debated sending them back twice... I am SO glad I kept them! I now have two pairs and they are an absolute wardrobe staple, probably influenced by my recent obsession with watching West World! 

The Statement Handbag!

The go hard or go home situation, it is time to be loud and proud... logos are EVERYWHERE!

Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic!

This was a trend I questioned at first.. I mean when you live in a busy city like London the last thing you want is people being able to see the contents of your bag. Don't get me wrong, I still don't really understand paying £400 for a Céline bag that looks the same as a supermarket carrier bag but I think other brands are absolutely killing it & as per usual I'm lusting over all the current Chanel bags.. the transparent ones in particular!

Architectural Masterpieces!

Ok, so if you know me you'll know that trainers reign when it comes to my shoe wardrobe. However slingbacks and mules are making a bold entrance & paired with a slogan tee and jeans you can't really go wrong.

Basket Case! 

Basket bags started to make a statement last summer. It wasn't something I was quite sure on, could I really justify spending over £2000 on a Prada bag that looking like a picnic hamper? Hmm, nope. However, on a little venture to Bicester Village I came across a beautiful basket bag in D&G... I thought I was being an idiot as it was December & there was no way that bag would see daylight for a few months, would it be another impulse waste of money? Well the answer is no. Basket bags are back this year and bigger than ever. Keep your eyes peeled on my insta to see mine this summer.

All White!

White shoes used to terrify me. In fact my Mother once told me that only strippers wear white shoes. Well maybe back in your day Mama, but not anymore! My white Gucci heels come to the office with me every day and I'm slowly learning to experiment with more key white pieces.

W I L L   D R E S S I N G   L I K E   A N   E X T R A   F R O M   T H E   M A T R I X   E V E R 
  B E   L U X E ?

So if you saw me sliding on my bum across the ice rink outside the Natural History Museum on Saturday in a pair of vinyl trousers then quite frankly please accept my appologies.

The fabric, once the preserve of the dominatrix & flooring, has always, until now been something that I would avoid. When it rains in Paris it pours, yet the smartest editors at fashion week stayed ahead of their game this year in glossy pvc coats. Kink aside, pulling on some PVC indicates you're ready to take over the world & what better way to do it than in the highest shine trousers. If you ask me, pvc is totally becoming luxe. 

I may not be quite brave enough to buy a full pvc trench yet but I paired these vinyl trousers with a big chunky blue knit, white trainers & a teddy coat.

W H Y   C O R D U R O Y   I S   N O   L O N G E R   J U S T   F O R   R E A D E R S   
D I G E S T    S U B S C R I B E R S...

Full on Colman's English Mustard Cords were a staple piece in Hugo's wardrobe when we were younger (see below) whilst Violet had a thing for grotesque patterned tights and my mother dressed me in a strong amalgamation of demin tones. Who knew young Hugo would be setting future trends whilst dressed as an Easter rabbit.

It seems that cordouroy has made a come back for Winter 2017 and I have to admit that it's a craze that I can no longer resist & how can you when cords are trending... trending hard! 

I absolutely love this corduroy coat from The Cords & Co.

The premium corduroy brand from Stockholm recently opened a store in Soho and they have some such great pieces. 

I paired my coat with Gucci Princetown slippers, Fendi backpack, ripped jeans & a chunky sweater.

S H O P   M Y   F A V O U R I T E   C Y B E R   M O N D A Y   D E A L S

A S O S 

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T H E   R E S U R G A N C E   O F   T H E   P U F F E R   J A C K E T

The Puffer Jacket... My absolute nightmare as a child. My Mother decided that making me wear a silver puffer tripple the size of me to the Hurlingham for swimming lessons was totally acceptable at the age of 5 and wow did I get some abuse. If you haven't been to The Hurlingham Club basically just imagine croquet lawns, tennis courts & perfectly white attire everywhere... then me, looking like NASA's latest experiment for a space suit. 

Anyway... the puffer started making a comeback on the runways in late 2016 and now it is back again. I have to make the confession that I absolutely adore this winter trend that pretty much allows you to wear a duvet outside! Paired with : Slogan tee, black ripped jeans & Chanel boots.

R E D  A L E R T

I've always been a little bit scared of throwing the colour red into my outfit palette but you can't miss it in stores this Winter season! I'm not quite ready for a statement red piece yet but these Zara jeans with red piping on the side & Louboutin loafers are great for adding a splash of colour to an all black outfit! Paired with Black Sandro Leather Jacket & Silver Dior Diorama Bag.

V I O L E T   B E A U R E G A R D E   V I B E S   A L L   D A Y   L O N G...

So the lace up boot obsession continues... these Louis Vuitton boots are honestly the dream! We're back to cloudy days in London and it's not really necessary for a giant sweater but I've been a little under the weather so extra warmth is much appreciated right now. The blue jumper and black skirt are both from Zara and this is probably one of my favourite Autumn looks so far! 

T H E   L A S T   D A Y   O F   S U M M E R...

 Sunday was such a beautiful day! I had already swapped out my summer wardrobe for my winter clothes but I couldn't miss an opportunity to wear a dress! I'm not really a dress person if I'm honest but this Asos white ruffle dress is so cute! I paired it with my Chanel boots & boy bag and Sandro black leather jacket.

All linked below:

Black Chanel Boy Caviar Leather Bag & Black Chanel Boots : (Only available in store)
Asos Ruffle Dress : Size 4
Sandro Black Leather Jacket : Size 3 (worn oversized)

C H A N E L   D R E A M   B O O T S...

Love at first sight!... I saw these Chanel boots in a youtube haul about a month back and I fell in love, I had to have them so went straight to Harrods. The lady told me they'd sold out in every size worldwide and I was so sad, I tried in New York and in Denmark but no luck. I decided it wasn't meant to be and instead bought some Louis Vuitton boots which I'll show you in another post. After a crappy week last week I popped in to see the delightful Ahmed @ Hublot in Harrods to cheer myself up & decided I'd have a browse on the 5th floor. I asked the lady in Chanel about the boots and she said they weren't coming back in so I asked to try on a different pair, when she came back out with a different box I was a bit confused. She had found my dream boots in a size 35...they had been put in the wrong place and weren't on their stock record. I was so so so happy! Eeeeek! I bought them straight away and I am absolutely besotted with them. Yep I've fallen head over heels for a pair of boots, that is how sad my life is! Oops.

C O S Y   I N   C O P E N H A G E N...

Ok so I may have bought two of these sweaters… yes two of the exact same one. It’s from Zara and I absolutely love it, when I was travelling back from Copenhagen I got it slightly dirty and I’m a little scared to wash it so I went and picked up another one just incase. It is so cosy! I paired it with a black leather skirt and a potentially questionable sock and shoe combo! 

S T U C K   B E T W E E N   S E A S O N S...

Has anybody else noticed that the shops are full of Autumn clothes right now?! I am such a sucker for knitwear and I've been waiting all week to wear this jumper... because I'm an idiot I picked the warmest day of the week though. It's sometimes so difficult to decide what to wear in London, one minute it is overcast and chilly, then sunny and hot... next thing you know it's pouring with rain. Styled here with black ankle boots, a leather skirt & Balenciaga Blanket Bag.

T H E   B E S T   T - S H I R T... FT.  M Y   K I T C H E N   F L O O R

New Favourite Tee :  Mike The Bear!  
I can't even remember actually how I came across this brand but their designs are amazing. We've seen the statement tee a lot this year and I hate to admit that I'm getting a little bored of slogans but what is better than an image of a bear wearing a Gucci tshirt?! I styled this with a white leather skirt from a vintage store & black ankle boots. 

N O   S L E E P   C L U B

The reincarnation of the Hoodie... 
A hoodie was always just something I would wear around the house on a lazy Sunday, however 2017 has seen the hoodie bought back as a statement piece of the 'street style luxe' trend. I bought my one from être cécile & it is super cosy! Wear oversized with all black to create emphasis on the bold colours! 

I ' D   R A T H E R   B E   D R I N K I N G   C O F F E E   O N  M Y   U N I C O R N   T H A N
W H A T E V E R   T H I S   W E D N E S D A Y   B U S I N E S S   I S 

 The statement culottes... or in my case the statement trouser .
I didn't even realise these were meant to be cropped until I looked online but I actually really like the way they fit! Although a little more bold than I'd usually go for the stripes help to make my legs look that little bit longer and you can dress these up or down. I chose to pair with Alexander Mcqueen platform trainers for extra height and a white tee.

Shop my trousers here:

T H E   H E R M E S   N E C K E R C H I E F

Bringing back the neckerchief... I bought this Hermès twilly last year to style a Kelly bag, it has so many purposes! This came in cheaper than the Dior ones which are also lovely but around £150
. Hermès retail at around £115 + .  I kept this look classic with my Gucci pearl loafers and added a modern twist with my Sandro black leather jacket.

T H E   P O L K A   D O T   M E S H   D R E S S... W I L L   Y O U   D A R E   T O   B A R E ?

I can't quite decide if working 3 minutes from Zara on Regent Street is a blessing or a curse, sometimes I feel like I've spent half of lunchtimes of my working life browsing in there... ok that is an exaggeration, but it is definitely my go to shop for every day items. I saw this mesh dress last week and I couldn't quite work out how on earth you're meant to wear it... it is completely see through so I popped it back on the shelf and kind of forgot about it. However, I then saw it again a few days later and had a brain wave...  I took it home and popped it over the top of a slip dress and I absolutely love how this turned out! Add a leather jacket and some black boots to complete the look.

Shop my dress here: 


G L I T Z B O X - J E W E L L E R Y   S U B S C R I P T I O N

#GLITZBOX ... think netflix, but for premium jewellery discovery.

I honestly love this concept and I was so happy to be invited to the Glitzbox pop up earlier this week for a ring making workshop with The Workbench London girls!

Glitzbox isn't really something I'd heard of before but when the founder, Tamsin contacted me I was instantly intrigued, jewellery is something that I cannot live without and what better than being able to try out 3 pieces each month and then either buy them or return them. As you all know life during the week can be a little hectic, there is nothing I enjoy more than browsing markets at the weekend for special handmade rings but I don't always have the time. Glitzbox gives independant and emerging designers a chance to showcase their designs all from the comfort of your own home when a little box appears in the post each month.

Glitzbox has a pop-up running until the 13th August 2017 in a unit at Old Street Station. This gives you the opportunity to view the beautiful jewellery, buy at a discounted rate or start your subscriptionIt's impossible to miss when you come through the ticket barriers so pop down to have a look as you've only got a little bit of time left! 

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to see the pop up for myself along with other bloggers and influencers and Katie and Kirstie from The Workbench London who run ring making events all over the city let us all take part in one of their amazing workshops! We all designed and made our own rings with the help from the super talented girls and I had such a lovely time! I cannot wait to get my ring back and see how it turns out! 

Tamsin has made the pop up look so brilliant, unfortunately my camera was broken so all of the photos in this post are actually credit to her or from the Glitzbox instagram, (don't worry I have a new camera now..ready for vlogging!) After we finished making the rings we had the opportunity to look at all of the jewellery and create a little list of our favourite items... I loved them all! I cannot thank Tamsin enough for my invite.

If you would like to find out more about Glitzbox please visit the website or follow on instagram

S H O P   M Y   I N S T A G R A M 27.11.16

Pink, Pink and well.... just more pink


1. Hermès Twilly
£ 115.00 here

You may have also seen this wrapped around the Hermès Kelly Bag in my Soho Farmhouse post:
 I actually dated a guy who asked me why I had a 'hanky' wrapped around my bag. Lets not discuss him.

... oh safe to say, that didn't work out.

2. Zara Limited Edition Mohair Pink Jumper
£ 59.99 here

3. Jack Wills Fernham Highwaisted Super Skinny Jean£ 49.95 here

4. Gucci Princetown Rose Slipper£ 480.00 here

5. White Ladies Tailored Shirt 
To be quite honest, I haven't got a clue where this shirt came from, it was just in my wardrobe and doesn't even have a label inside. You can pick up a white shirt in most stores so I'll leave that one down to you


    I wanted to share the details of my Givenchy bag with you all as I love it so so much! I bought this bag back at the start of the year and quite frankly it was a bit boring, it's also bloody huge. I wasn't using it much & I kind of forgot about it.

 In the summer I ended up in the Goyarde boutique in Mayfair and embarked on the 6 week wait for my initials to be handpainted onto my dream bag. I was obsessed and part of this obsession meant I was searching #goyarde on instagram all of the time to see how other bags had turned out (I'll show you mine soon). Anyway whilst doing this I saw a few Goyarde bags with crazy pop art designs painted on to them & I was totally confused... why did they not offer me this option?! But then I realised, these bags had been personalised by Boyarde  

It was too late to change my Goyarde order but I was determind to have Boyarde's work on one of my bags. I contacted Boyarde and spoke to her lovely assistant, I had all of the information that I needed so quickly & then I started rummaging through my wardrobe for a bag that needed a new lease of life - the Givenchy of course! It was time to make this bag fun and wow what a great job Boyarde did.

 My surname is a bit stupid because of that silly apostrophe between the O & H and when I've had items personalised in the past that has been a bit of an issue.. ie. Louis Vuitton's hot stamp doesn't include an apostrophe; but this was no problem for Boyarde as she hand paints these designs herself. I sent my bag off once we'd decided on a design and I think I waited around 3 or 4 weeks which flew by, I received an email with photos of the finished piece and I was so pleased; but the photos just don't do the colours justice. 
When I received the bag back I was amazed, it looks incredible, it's so different & quirky. I'm not going to disclose the price of this bag as it's so special to me and obviously nobody will want 'LO'H' on their bag, however if you would like something similar that is personal to you I would definitely reccomend browsing Boyarde's website and getting in touch... she honestly is so talented! 

Boyarde recently collaborated with L K Bennett :

& visit her pop up personalisation bar at Selfridges 

S H O P   M Y   I N S T A G R A M 26.11.16

Hello lovelies! So you may have seen earlier this week that I posted a photo of my beautiful Van Cleef and Arpels jewellery on instagram and promised to share my outfit details, so here they are.


1. Urban Outfitters Burgundy Fleece Top 
This top is so so old... I think I bought it when I was in 6th Form which was a LONG time ago! 
But Burgundy is such a great colour for Autumn and Winter so there are plenty of jumpers like this out there

Miss Selfridge £ 32.00 here
La Redoute £ 45.00 here
John Lewis £ 75.00 here

2. Military Style Coat 
This is my sister's and to be honest it doesn't fit me (hence why I've just kind of thrown it over my shoulder). She found it in a sample sale and therefore unfortunately you guys won't be able to get this one but here are some similar jackets:

Topshop £ 39.00 here
Pull & Bear £ 39.99 here
Saint Laurent £ 1,755.00 here

3, Levis Mom Jeans
I found these in a vintage store in 'Rockit' a while back, they have a great selection of vintage items. 

4. Chanel Burgundy Ballerina Flats
These are from the Chanel Boutique on New Bond Street in Mayfair earlier this year & I love how classic they are. I'm not sure if this colour is still available but if you visit one of the stores you will be able to see all of the colours they have. I think these were around £ 500.00 

I'm not going to show alternate options because I'm pretty sure you all know where to pick up some more affordable ballerinas. 

5. Saint Laurent Duffle Bag 
£ 1,190.00 here

6. Helen Moore Burgundy Pom Pom Keyring
£ 27.00 here

J E W E L L E R Y 

[ bracelets: Van Cleef & Arpels . watch: Cartier ]

These bracelets are so beautiful and I love the colours, they match the burgundy top in the above outfit so perfectly! Unfortunately you do have to buy them seperately & the idea is to combine them. 
These 3 are part of the 'Alhambra' collection & there are different 3 motifs. I don't have the heart shaped one as it's not really my style. I'd recommend going to browse the different designs in a Van Cleef boutique and deciding which combinations / colours suit you best & if you have tiny wrists like me you may need the bracelets altered slightly.

Butterfly : Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet, yellow gold, white mother-of-pearl £ 1,100.00 here
Gold 'Clover' : Sweet Alhambra bracelet, pink gold.  £ 1,350.00 here
Dark Red 'Clover' : Sweet Alhambra bracelet, pink gold, carnelian £ 1,200.00 here

My watch is vintage Cartier and I've spoken about this in some of my previous posts, check them out for details! 

O O P S,    I T' S    T H A T    C O A T    A G A I N! 21.11.16

I'm writing 2 blog posts at once, I'm not sure if you're meant to do that?! But I finally got to photograph the Zara coat I love again today & some other details. I didn't want to babble on in one post about 2 outfits.
If you read the previous post you'll know that I was waiting for a sunny day but it hasn't come.

Welcome to a very grey Notting Hill & a very grumpy Lily...

(yeah, we really need to get those steps cleaned... its on my never ending 'to do list')

O U T F I T 

1. Please see my previous post 'Shop My Instagram 17.11.16' for details of this coat

2. Zara Leather Look Trousers 
£ 19.99 here

3. UniQlo Merino Turtle Neck Sweater 
£ 24.90 here

4. Saint Laurent Classic star-appliqué leather trainers
£ 410.00 here

I can't find anything similar for a high street price, sorry guys! 
But I absolutely love these similar Golden Goose Trainers £ 265.00  here

5. Chanel Classic Green Quilted Bag
This bag is discontinued

Similar Vintage / Pre - Owned:
Farfetch  £ 5,530.00 here
Farfetch  £ 6,196.00 here

Current Chanel Collection available in boutiques or to view here

Similar more afforadable options:

ICCO  £ 52.00 here
Rebecca Minkoff  £ 320.00 here
Ferrogamo £ 650.28 here

J E W E L L E R Y 

[ signature bracelet: Monica Vinader . watch: IWC ]

If you follow me on instagram you'll probably have seen that I'm always usually wearing a watch. This is a recent obession of mine and up until a year ago I didn't really like wearing jewellery. You still won't really see me wearing earrings or necklaces but bracelets and watches are another story.

The first watch I bought myself was a 'Vintage Cartier Tank' which I think I've mentioned before & then things just escalated.

I'd say one fault of mine is that I just can't say no to a beautiful timepiece... especially if there is limited stock or a waiting list to join before discontinuation. However, these items are an investment & even if you don't plan on selling the watch on in the future they are such special pieces to keep in the family; they are built to last forever.  

Today I combined this IWC Portofino with the Monica Vinader Signature Bracelet

IWC Portofino Automatic Day & Night 37mm
£ 17,350.00 here
(personal choice of alligator strap not available online)

Monica Vinader Signature Thin Bangle
£ 225.00 here

S H O P   M Y   I N S T A G R A M   17.11.16

I'm writing super late tonight as this week has been totally crazy, but I really wanted to talk about my new coat! You may have seen the below photo on my instagram story earlier this week but frankly it doesn't really do it justice & I wanted to style it differently, hopefully on a sunnier day. Well... this is London and that sunny day hasn't arrived, in fact; the weather has only worsened.

 I've been looking for a faux fur coat for absolutely ages but being small I've really struggled to find something that doesn't drown me. I recently made a trip to Copenhagen (I will write about this soon) and if you've visited in winter you'll know all of the girls are in fur; this just made me more determind to find something. I searched Oxford Street, bought nothing & left needing a strong espresso martini... I honestly hate that place! I then decided it was time to search online & of course I fell in love with Gucci's take on Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat. I'm not going to get into an ethical debate surrounding the topic of real fur, but anyway it just would've swallowed me up, so again... a no. 

      I popped into Zara a few days later & a coat which had been shoved on a rail with some jumpers in the ladies section caught my eye.. I loved it and was totally shocked when I looked for the size & it                                                                       was 13-14yrs.                                      
                                    HA! Yes, this coat is from Zara Kids & is £39.99. 

I then started having one of those heart vs. head moments. I was in love with this super soft teddy bear coat but what if I was walking down the street and passed a 5 year old wearing the same coat as me... well who the hell cares?! A 90 year old could buy the same ladies size 8 coat as a 22 year old so f*ck it, I was just going to make it my own. I hunted through my mum's sewing room and found some buttons, needle & thread (I hope she doesn't read this, she'll probably charge me for those) and attached a black faux collar I already had. VOILA!

1. Zara Colourful Kids Faux Fur Jacket 
£ 39.99 here

If you're not pocket sized I found some alternate options:
Asos £ 36.00 here
Religion £ 130.00 here
Lipsy £ 150.00 here

2. Jack Wills Fernham Highwaisted Super Skinny Jean
£ 49.95 here

3. & Other Stories Pointed Leather Boots
£ 125.00 here

4. Helen Moore @ Selfridges Faux Fur Collar
£ 35.00 here

5. Hermès Grey Kelly Bag
Ok, so if you're as obsessed with Hermès as I am you'll already know there is no way you are going to get your hands on a Kelly bag unless you join the crazy waiting list or buy vintage / pre-owned. I am so lucky that my darling friend used to work for Hermès & is probably one of the most generous people I know.
Ok so here are your options: 

You can find a good quality vintage piece here in black for roughly £ 5,000.00, but I will warn you now... these bags in different colours & exotic leathers sell for up to £ 50,000.00 + 

So I trawled the internet trying to find you guys affordable options... I really struggled. I think it's important to remember why these items have such long waiting lists, they are extremely well made, luxury items. You are not just paying for the name tag but the quality of the leather. 
Here are some similar designs: 

Aspinal of London  £ 595.00  here
Dolce & Gabbana £ 1,300.00 here
Ferragamo £ 1,585.00 here
Gucci  £ 1,630.00  here

S H O P   M Y   I N S T A G R A M   12.11.16

   1. Valentino Chain Cross Body Bag
 £ 1,395.00 here

 also available at Selfridges here

The affordable similar options:
Very £ 12.00  here 
New Look  £ 12.99 here
Lipsy £ 24.00 here

2. Valentino Rockstud Pony Ballet Flats
£ 850.00     SOLD OUT 
( other colours & styles here )

also available at Selfridges, Harrods,

The affordable similar options:
Missguided £25.00 here
Boden £ 62.65 here  
 Dune £ 75.00 here

3. Zara Denim Jacket with Graffiti 
£ 59.99 here 
4. Mulberry Leather Bow Bracelet 
    No Longer Available ( Shop Mulberry current collection here )
    Similar: Kate Spade 'Wrap Things Up Leather Bow Wrap Bracelet'  £ 70.00 here 
5.  Topshop Petite Black Jumpsuit   
     I've had this for years, find similar options below:
     Asos Petite £ 19.50 here
     Topshop Petite £ 59.00 here

6. Topshop Petite Blue Knitted Jumper 
     SOLD OUT 
     Similar: Topshop Petite £ 36.00 here 

7.  & Other Stories Two Tone Leather Slender Belt
     £ 25.00  here 

8.  Vintage Cartier Ladies Watch
     This is a one off vintage piece, if you'd like to find something similar I'd recommend
     Burlington Arcade on Piccadilly, there are some amazing vintage watch shops where you can find something totally unique. 


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