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2 4   R A N D O M   T H I N G S   Y O U   P R O B A B L Y   D I D N ' T   K N O W   A B O U T   M E

As I turn 24 next week I thought it would be a good time to share 24 random facts with you...

1. I had braces for 4 years whilst at school. I probably spent more time at the orthadontist than studying for my exams.

2. When I find a song I like I listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it, but if you're in the car with me & I'm in charge of music I'll never listen to song the whole way through.

3. I never wanted to be an accountant, I didn't like maths at school. I was headhunted by Rothesay Life after they split from Goldman Sachs and realised maybe numbers weren't the worst thing in the world so dropped out of my place on a Law degree.

4. I don't have a middle name because I'm actually meant to have a tripple barrel surname 'Lily Paxton-Brooks - O'Halloran ' ...yep thanks Mum.

5. I have two tattoos. I got them both when I was 18 and if I could have them removed with no pain I definitely would!

6. I had to always take antihistamines before horse riding as I was allergic to the dust in the horse's coat. I was thrown off my race horse quite badly in 2014 & I haven't got back on properly since as it really knocked my confidence.

7. I never cook just for myself, if you could see my monthly spend on Deliveroo you would be shocked.

8. I'll challenge anyone to try and win against me at a game of Scrabble. 

9. I absolutely love candles. My favourites are Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone & Baies by Diptyque.

10. My top 3 films are : Catch me if you can, The Grand Budapest Hotel & Rear Window.

11. I was rubbish at sport when I was younger. I could dance and ski but other than that I was that child you'd avoid pairing up with in P.E

12. I have to set roughly 5 alarms to get out of bed.

13. I'm petrified of Vomit.

14. When I was a child I wouldn't watch cartoons because I thought they were for babies. My parents even took me to Disneyland & I didn't like it. I only recently rediscovered Disney films and how great they actually are.

15. My Mother comes from a family of highly intelligent Harrow boys who further studied at Cambridge & internationally. She is dyslexic and her family wouldn't pay for her to be privately educated as they thought it was a waste of time & that she would never excel in her career. She went on to achieve one of the highest ever marked First Class Honors Degree's in the UK.

16. I always get a warm latte from Pret before I start work in the morning. I don't like it hot & I never finish drinks.

17. I have size UK 2 feet (European 35) so it is much easier for me to buy shoes that have usually sold out.

18. The Harry Potter books are still my favourite.

19. I always sleep with a small light on, unless I'm with someone. I don't really like the dark.

20. I'm getting a little more chilled as I get older, but I used to always have to have a plan for my day set out so that I knew exactly what I was doing. Now spontaneous trips & plans are my favourite!

21. My Dad was my best friend.

22. I'm a sagittarius & I have the same birthday as Winston Churchill & Ben Stiller.

23. I was intollerant to Chocolate when I was a child, luckily I grew out of this.

24. I don't drink fizzy drinks. Other than champagne ;)

M Y   F I R S T   E V E R   W E E K L Y   V L O G ! 

L I F E   U P D A T E! 

Change... the most daunting thing in my life and wow, there has been a lot of that lately! For a start I've totally changed my blog layout and I love it! I feel like since I started blogging there have been so many things that have popped up in my life causing the internet to take a back seat and I've sometimes lost sight of the very reason I started this blog in the first place... as a creative output in a busy city life that can sometimes feel like a cyclone. My original template was quite sterile and simple, I wanted something a little more user friendly, colourful and fun and I'm really happy with what I've achieved!

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I'm brutally honest and upfront about most things. When it comes to sharing my personal life for everyone and anyone to see on my blog however I'm not sure that's something that I ever want to do or something that I feel is entirely appropriate. I'm not going to go into the last few months but sorry for the silent phase! I'm so excited now for the next chapter as there are so many fun things coming up...


Some really exciting new opportunities have popped into my life and hopefully some that I can share with you on here, I've decided I'm finally going to take the plunge and start YouTube. I said you'd never catch me speaking to a camera a little while ago but I feel like if I never give it a go I'll never know and next month is super busy so a perfect opportunity to film lots of content. I travel to see some of my favourite people in Copenhagen at the start of September and then I'm off to New York. I will be filming both trips and maybe there will be a random weekly vlog before then depending on how I settle into the editing process as I honestly have no idea how much time this will take etc!

I feel like my Instagram has always been a bit of a mash up and I lost sight of my own personal style at one point, I was so caught up in buying designer and fitting in with certain 'trends' that I lost some of the quirks in my style. This blog was always about showing that you can mix highstreet, vintage and designer and come up with something that is totally different... money is by no means the answer and its never fun to cross someone in the street who is wearing the exact same outfit as you! For those of you who follow me for luxury don't worry I am not totally cutting this content out, I'm just going back to what I'm all about and that is having a balance! I've bought some really great pieces recently and I can't wait to share these with you, weekly outfit posts are coming back!

Thank you so much for all bearing with me recently and I cannot wait to recommence my blogging journey . . .



Please follow the link to Haute Horlogerie Journal to read more!  

H U B L O T   C L A S S I C   F U S I O N   P R I N C E S   T R U S T   L A U N C H 

 If you follow me on instagram you would've seen my photos from the Hublot Princes Trust Launch Dinner & if you read my previous post I mentioned that we had to rush back to London for something... well this was the event & finally I've got the time to tell you all about it! 

Firstly, I just have to say a massive thank you to the team at Harrods who are absolutely amazing and have looked after me since the day we met, Ahmed El Marakby is honestly the loveliest person in retail ever and he did such a great job along with the rest of the Hublot team pulling off this incredible evening. 

People keep asking me how I got invited to such an exclusive launch event and actually my answer is a bit of a faux pas... I'm not technically a Hublot client. Actually I met the amazing Hublot team as an Audemars Piguet client. Whilst speaking to the CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe after dinner he suggested that maybe I could be pursuaded to change sides and become a Hublot client & honestly they are creating some incredible new game changing pieces with the help of amazing artists such as Maime Buchi - Sang Bleu, so you may see me wearing Hublot very soon. 

If you know me persoanlly or follow me on social media you'll know that investing in watches is something that I am really passionate about. I promise I'll write a post about my collection soon and where it all started but that's for another day! I was totally honored to be invited along to this inimate evening at Kensignton Palace along with Rio Ferdinand and his Chelsea team mates, Natasha Kaplinsky, Ricardo Guadalupe and other wonderful faces to celebrate and support such a great cause.

Hublot has launched a special edition watch to support the 40th Anniversary of the Prince's Trust, a UK based charity laucnhed by HRH The Prince of Wales to help disadvantaged young people. Hublot's watch is priced at £9,800, £750 of which will be donated to the charity, only 100 have been made & it will solely retail throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland. 

Photo: www.watchpro.com

S O H O  F A R M H O U S E 

Hello lovelies! I know I've done one of my dissapearing acts again, but I've been so busy at work that blogging has had to take a little break. If you have followed me since I started blogging last year you'd know that one of my first ever posts was about a trip to Soho Farmhouse (you can read that here) . I visited again last week and this seems like a good place to pick back up again on my posts. 

When I asked Damian, 'would you like to go to Soho Farmhouse?' he responded with, 'it's not exactly on my list of things to do.'  ... Hmm yes delightful. However, I think his opinion was most definitely swayed in a positive direction by the time we had to leave & he actually said it would've been nice to stay for longer.

I don't know what it is about the Soho House group but they just get it right every single time & their countryside escape is my favourite. When I visited last year I stayed in one of the Bell Tents, I'd wanted to go back and stay in a cabin ever since but I just hadn't had the time until now. I picked Damian up from his shoot and we headed off to Great Tew, it's safe to say the weather was not on our side... basically every extreme weather condition every other 5 minutes; I'm talking rain, snow, hail, sunshine, sleet, black sky, blue sky, you name it, we had it, but we eventually made it. 

We were taken off to our cabin by the most delightful man & I quickly realised that I'd seriously missed out on my last visit. The cabins are incredible! 

We stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin, this wasn't necessary but it was the only one available for the dates we wanted to stay. It actually worked out quite well as it meant we had double of most things and everything about it was absolutely stunning. 

We stayed for one night and ate at 'Penn Yen' for dinner. This is the japanese restuarant next to the Boat House and the food was lovely. I have to be honest, I feel like sometimes the food does let Soho House down, it's not fantastic for the amount you pay and the menu's don't seem to change much which can become boring if you're visiting the same house a lot so this was a nice change. We ate at the Main Barn for Breakfast and Lunch, however in hindsight we should've ordered breakfast to our room. There is a van that drives along to the cabins in the morning and will cook you breakfast in bed!

We didn't use the pool but it was so cold and such nasty weather that I wasn't too gutted about missing out and Damian was happy because he had a bath instead, allbeit he forgot to turn the cold tap on and nearly gave himself third degree burns.

All of the products at Soho Farmhouse are Cowshed and they smell so amazing, they also use these at the spa, which I must use next time I visit!

After lunch we had to rush back off to London for an event but we had such a relaxing time and we really weren't there for long enough to enjoy everything. I'd recommend visiting during the summer months and staying for 2-3 days so that have long enough to really relax. 


Where have you been?! ...

The truth is... I've been working my little bum off.

I started my blog towards the end of last year as I'd taken a break from my career and I had all of the time in the world to take photos, edit photos and sit up all night writting content. This was the absolute dream, but then the time came where I had to return to work and the start of 2017 has been absolutely crazy to say the least! 

I honestly thought blogging would be the easiest thing ever... reality check: it is not & I guess I wanted to share some truths around the subject of blogging that I've experienced so far. In no way do I want to put anyone off because in fact I couldn't urge you to start your own blog much more if I tried, this blog has definitely been one of the best things I've ever done & having a creative outlet has been such a a positive addition to my life. I've seen a few successful bloggers write about how they wouldn't have started their blogs if they knew how much of a burden it would end up being; the time, the energy & the friends they lost etc. The 'advice' I really hate hearing the most is, ''you really need to think twice before starting a blog because you must ask yourself the question, 'are you really going to be willing to accept the fact that you are one of thousands of bloggers doing the exact same thing and people may never even read your content?''
 Well actually yes, I'm just fine with that. I've never wanted this blog to be a business, I'm an accountant and that will always be my main income, my blog is a place of expression for me. I chose to make it public because I don't write anything super personal so I have nothing to loose and if  reading the random stuff I ramble on about can put a smile on at least one person's face then thats an added bonus.


If you'd have told me 6 months ago that striving for the perfect instagram feed, being exluded from certain fashion phenonemons & wondering why the fuck you don't have that perfect white wall / white everything bedroom thing going on could give you anxiety I would've honestly laughed ...now I nod and roll my eyes.

1. The perfect instagram feed
Up until a few months ago if you'd have said the word VSCO to me I would've given you a funny look. Wow, this app has made such a difference to my instagram. As I became more interested in blogging I started to see more and more beautiful colour coordinated feeds and wondered how it was even possible. I'd never really used pinterest and my blogger friend told me amongst other things it was great for 'VSCO tips' which show you exactly which filter settings to use to get the perfect effect. By no means is my instagram perfect, I'm still learning but little tips and tricks that are easily accesible online really made me feel more confident when posting my photos.

2. Excluion from certain fashion phenonemons
 It is so easy to get trapped into buying the latest 'fad' bag just because every other blogger has it and damn they look great. I made this mistake recently when I decided to buy a Chloe Faye bag, don't get me wrong this bag is bloody beautiful but it was maybe one of my worst impulse buys yet. Looking back I guess I wanted this to 'fit in' which was ridiculous, I wanted my photos to look like all those other bloggers photos, but for £1,300... Lily you are an official idiot. I used this bag once, never photographed it and sold it on Vestiare within a few weeks of buying it. It just wasn't me. As I get older I'm starting to realise you should only invest in designer pieces that you really love and will use over and over again because lets be honest these bags are not cheap. Don't just buy because everyone else has one and realistically do you really want to be walking down the street with the same bag as every other girl taking photos outside pretty coloured doors? No.

3. The white wall / white bedroom thing
Uhh yes that perfectly instagramable apartment, decorated of course, the danish way.
I've spent a lot of time in Denmark and wow they really do beat every other country when it comes to their style of interior design, everything is so clean and perfect.. shove some marble in your photo and a diptique candle and you've just joined the blogger cliche club, oh and maybe a Chanel book. I am definitely guilty of striving towards making my home look like the beautful interior photos I see on instagram and actually here goes the pot calling the kettle black situation because in fact my next blog post is going to be about the Notting Hill apartment... eek.

 Those tiny snippets of 'perfect' lives that you see each day whilst scrolling through blogger's instagram feeds are honestly just that... snippets. Nobody's instagram shows a true balance of the good & the bad that is happening in all of our lives and this is something I constantly have to remind myself


So this is the reason I haven't posted in a while and its something I really wanted to work on in 2017, work / life balance. Well I honestly haven't got a clue how to change this because right now I am well and truly bogged under! Like I said, blogging will never be my career so it has to come second, my career and not loosing my mind in this crazy city comes first. When I took a break from work it was great because I had all day to take photos, this just isn't possible when you work from 9am to god knows what o'clock at night, especially in the winter... yeah you can't take photos of outfits in the dark, so this only leaves weekends. Then you've got to edit and come up with what you want to write... this takes HOURS. If i blogged everyday I honestly wouldn't have time to sleep, it would just be impossible so I'm trying to work out a better schedule so that my posts aren't so sporadic.


Hmm yeah, this scares the absolute shit out of me. If you asked most of my friends they'd probably say I'm quite a confident person, put a camera infront of me however and nope definitely not so keen! I just cant bring myself to walk around london holding a camera talking to myself yet, lets be honest, nobody would probably even notice me but I'd just feel like such an idiot and I can't bring myself to do it. Most of my friends would probably think I'm mental also if I whipped my camera out whilst walking along with them just to talk about what my day consisted of, they already think I'm crazy for taking photos of my food or pretty things for instagram. I don't really like having my outfits photographed either and I keep most of those photos for the blog rather than instagram, but I'm working on changing my fears around all of this stuff!

 W I N T E R   W E L L B E I N G 13.12.16

I haven't posted on the blog for 2 weeks and you may have noticed I've also been pretty inactive on instagram which for someone who is usually attached to their phone is very odd. I've been ill, which was kind of inevitable. I always become sick during Autumn and Winter and usually it's just a fever  but I had a really nasty allergic reaction last week which definitely wasn't much fun!

I wanted to write a more personal post as although I love sharing my outfits and other details I guess it would be nice if you could get to know me a little bit more & I want to share my tips for Winter with you all. 

Like most others, I really struggle with these dark mornings and dark nights, I find it really demotivating and I feel like recently I've lost a little bit of direction. This year has been tough, apart from the craziness of Brexit and Donald Trump I've had a lot to organise and some really difficult decisions to make on a personal level so it's become really apparent to me that really only I can control my happiness.

It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and this year I just really couldn't be bothered to make a big deal out of it, which totally isn't like me and I'm just not feeling Christmas either. I watched Home Alone with a friend last week and he actually told me I was like the Grinch (thanks) ...usually I'd be obsessing over this movie. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year but for some reason I just can't get myself into the mood this year and I've got 12 days to turn this around. I refuse to hibernate and stuff myself with crap food so enough doom and gloom, there are plenty of things we can all do to feel a little bit better over Winter: 

Take the stairs rather than the lift 

Ok, if any of my work collegues are reading this they will probably be howling right now. You'll find me taking the lift without failure unless there is a fire, it's only 2 floors and it's so so stupid but its become a habit that I really need to snap out of. I spend a lot of time sat staring at my tiny macbook screen trying to somehow make hundreds of squares in super advanced excel spreadsheets make sense and calculate things my brain would never be capable of, however I do in fact use my brain an awful lot and sometimes it needs a break too! Its so important to take breaks and I find getting out of the office really helps... but I have to remember to take those stairs instead of the lift!

Stay hydrated & love your skin

I'm really awful at remembering to drink enough water, I fuel myself on caffiene and tend to end up with a really bad headache or the shakes by lunch time, which quite frankly is stupid of me. This also can mean dry skin which is such a nightmare during the winter months! Find some of my favourite moisturising skincare products below:

Spend time with people who make you smile, even when you don't feel like it

When I moved back to London after being schooled in the countryside I was thrown into a environment that I wasn't entirely used to. I would always flick through the Bystander section in Tatler but its safe to say I totally underestimated how crazy some people around here are... wait until you attend the parties yourself!

I spend the majority of my time in Mayfair because that is where I work and I guess I'm submerged in this world of extreme wealth and its taught me a lot, but one thing in particular... always stay humble no matter who you are or who you are surrounded by. Old money, new money... or no money, it is so easy to get caught up in all of this and to even feel like your in a scene from Mean Girls some times. You thought school was bad? Oh no, welcome to West London... there are NO secrets around here!

 I've realised recently that it is good to have lots of different groups of friends... we all have the girls we go out with until 6am, the ones who want to shop until you literally drop and the ones who you end up regretting you took to lunch because the bill is so extortionate that you now can't afford food for the rest of the month. What is most important are the friends who aren't necessarily always available but turn up with cheese and wine when you actually need them. One of my best friends told me earlier in the year that he didn't understand why I stayed in contact with people who didn't bring any positivity to my life and I refused to even listen to what he was saying, really because I was just too much of an idiot to admit that he was telling the truth. I then heard the exact same thing from another friend and I started to understand that I didn't need certain people in my life. Especially in winter you need people who lift you up, not bring you down and I always used to worry so much about cutting contact with people who made no effort with me. I always try to do everything I can for others & I don't think I was willing to accept that actually most people put themselves first. I've come to realise it's for good reason... the world can be shit and most people have been hurt and they don't want to accept their own problems, let alone expose themselves to yours, so accept that and leave them behind, they'll come when they're ready.


Denmark is apparently the happiest country on earth & I'm so lucky that I've been able to visit this place so many times this year. My two really good friends live there & at one point I was flying out basically every weekend to see a Danish guy... (long distance sucks)
 Copenhagen is such a breath of fresh air! If you've ever tried to learn Danish you'll know that trying to pronounce some of their word's is a bloody disaster but you kind of say it like 'hue-gah'. It doesn't directly translate into English but several words several can be used interchangeably to describe the idea of hygge such as cosiness, charm, happiness, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness.

I read the little book below and it really changed my outlook on a few things, I'd really recommend it!

Retail Therapy

My favouite obviously!
It's so important to treat yourself every now & again, ok maybe I treat myself a little too often but I honestly couldn't care less. Of course I realise there is more to life than material goods but I love shopping and it really does cheer me up.
I've been rubbish with keeping up with my outfit posts recently and I really need to get on top of this but here are two new purchases that you can expect to see in my posts soon:

Chloรฉ Medium Faye Bag 
£ 1,280.00

Anya Hindmarch Maxi Feathweight Ebury Python 'Frosties' Bag
£ 2,995.00

Vitamin D

I didn't know until recently that if you're lacking in Vitamin D it can actually lead to you feeling depressed, seasonal or not. In the UK the sunlight doesn't contain enough UVB radiation in the winter so between October to around March time it's a lot harder for our skin to make Vitamin D. I've started taking a supliment which I picked up in Boots for around £ 5.00. You can also get Vitamin D from some foods such as oily fish, red meat and eggs. 

S O H O   F A R M H O U S E

I recently visited Soho Farmhouse for a weekend & my only word is simply 'wow'. Soho House never really disappoints and their hideaway in the country is no exception. You'll know if you're a Soho House member that there is a section on the 'House Seven' website called 'Spontaneous Stays'. The clue is in the title but here you can book a last minute, reduced stay at any of the houses with availability. If you know me I don't think you'd ever put 'Lily' and 'camping' in the same sentence, but anyway we went ahead & booked one of the bell tents (I think it was £80) and I was apprehensive. 

I put all of my things in the car on a very rainy Friday morning & I was having serious second thoughts about our choice of accommodation. It is about an hour & a half drive to get to Great Tew from West London (more time for me to stress about mud & being cold) but seriously it was worth it! We arrived, checked in & then we were taken to the main site in the most adorable converted milk float. Off we went to find our tent & all my initial worries disappeared..

Mention the word tent to me & I start having heart palpitations about the time I went to a festival and our tent nearly blew away. These tents are not your 'ordinary' tents, they are beautiful & so, so cosy! They even have a little log burner inside to keep you warm, the comfiest bed and lots of snuggley blankets.

As a member & guest you are able to use all of the facilities, apart from Horse Riding & the Cowshed spa which you have to pay extra for. I love horses and I've been riding since a young age, but there is one problem... I'm so allergic. I forgot my anti-histamine tablets so unfortunately couldn't go on a ride however I still managed to say hello to one gorgeous pony before sneezing my way to lunch.

[ Shirt : Whistles . Jeans: Zara . Bag : Hermรจs . Boots : & Other Stories ]

After lunch we headed to the pool but it was really busy! Trust me to turn up half way through what seemed to be a children's swimming lesson (nobody would probably notice 'Little Lily' though). There are two hot tubs & a sauna hidden behind the spa & nobody was using them, I'd definitely recommend disappearing off to this area to relax before getting dry & hopping on a bike to explore!

We ate dinner & talked about boring business stuff before venturing back to the tent. On the way back we met such a lovely lady with the most adorable dog & chatted until they closed the boathouse. This is the thing I love about Soho House , there are so many interesting members!

 I slept so well, we packed up our things and went to get breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast & couldn't decide between a sweet and savoury option... so obviously I had both.

Ok, my eyes are bigger than my tummy.

We had a little look around the shops & went for a walk before jumping on the milk float back to the main entrance.

We settled our food bill and I'll warn you now, you will spend a lot on food! You are in the middle of nowhere and realistically unless you plan on trekking across the countryside you are going to eat at one of the restaurants:
  • MAIN BARN MEZZANINES (the posh menu)

When you have checked out your car is bought to you & you are all ready to go home. If you have time before heading home I would recommend that you visit Bicester Village , it is only half an hour away and you can find some absolute designer bargains! Or if you head 30 minutes in the other direction you'll find the stunning Bourton on Water, this village is the true meaning of the word picturesque & is often called the ''Venice of the Cotswolds''

 Overall I had such a fab time & will most definitely be back, maybe to stay in one of the cabins instead now that it is winter. Realistically one night & two days was enough time for me to fit everything in but if you are a real 'outdoorsy' type I'd say stay a few more days and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

You can apply for membership here: https://www.sohohouse.com/membership

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